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The Hunger Games: Archery 101

  • Capital Region Archery Club 5618 76 Ave NW Edmonton, AB, T6B 0A6 Canada (map)

The Green Room Presents: The Hunger Games!

Do Something New This Ramadan: Try Your Hand at Archery! 

The Green Room is hosting basic archery training on Sunday July 20th as part of our Cityscapes program. Cityscapes is a bi-monthly outdoor event with an experiential educational component. Apart from gaining blessings for practicing a Prophetic tradition, archery improves one's mental focus and helps develop upper body strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination.  

The Prophet (pbuh) passed by some people of the tribe of Bani Aslam who were practicing archery. The Prophet (pbuh) said, "O Bani Ismail! Practice archery as your father Isma'il was a great archer. Keep on throwing arrows and I am with Bani so-and-so." So one of the parties ceased throwing. Allah's Apostle said, "Why do you not throw?" They replied, "How should we throw while you are with them (i.e. on their side)?" On that the Prophet (pbuh) said, "Throw, and I am with all of you." - Sahih Bukhari

This program is open to all Muslims as well as those of other faiths and backgrounds. No previous archery experience is require. Transportation will be organized. 

Archery Pass: $20 per person