RamadanYEG 2018

Ramadan is a month of reflection, sacrifice, and increased devotion. It’s also a month of community. In partnership with our friends at Tarjuma, we have gatherings happening every weekend during the month.

We hope you’ll join us!


Living Islam: Renewing Our Practice is a class, discussion and iftar every Friday night during Ramadan. Together, we will look over Muslim belief, worship and lifestyle. Each session will not just give learners a simple a collection of facts, but an understanding of the vision and spirit of Islam.


Open Doors Ramadan is a meal sharing and community building program connecting individuals who want to experience Ramadan with families hosting iftar dinners, or celebratory meals to break the fast.

People of all faiths and backgrounds are invited to share in the blessings of the holy month, build community and friendships, and explore different cuisines, cultures, and traditions. Sign up to attend!

SATURDAY, june 9

As Ramadan nears its end, we will gather and break bread with one another for a community iftar meal and tarawih prayer at Boyle Plaza. 

Join us at Breaking Bread for an all-nighter of community and reflection.