Program Streams

The Green Room’s programs and activities fall into three program streams:

          1. Meaningful Connection

This theme aims to strengthen feelings of connection and belonging to the Muslim community by providing youth opportunities to increase their social support networks

Programs run under the Meaningful Connection umbrella include:

  • Al Hikmah: Group discussion on hot topics, submitted by youth, facilitated by topic experts with education and community supports provided.

  • Open Doors Ramadan: An annual program connecting families with individuals who may be alone during the Month of Ramadan for iftar (the meal that Muslims have when they break the fast) - three days a week.

  • Freestyle Fridays: Friday drop-in for youth, once to twice a month for a meaningful social gathering which varies between poetry nights, film screenings and discussions.


          2. Growth

This program theme has the following goals:

  • Increase participants’ sense of identity through personal development

  • Build and strengthen leadership/mentorship capacity by providing opportunities

  • Strengthen leadership skills through culturally and religiously sensitive training

Programs run under the Growth program theme include:

  • Leadership Team: A year-long leadership program that provides a platform for Muslim youth to learn and take action to improve opportunities for youth in Edmonton. The Leadership Team gives regular input on youth related issues in the city, participates in program planning, and receive training on community care and leadership.

  • Cityscapes: A monthly outdoor activity focused on building rootedness and connection to Edmonton through exploring Edmonton’s culture, history, and landscape as well as the significance of nature in Islam. The program usually has a media/storytelling component.

          3. Service

The goals of programs under this theme are to increase prosocial behavior among youth through community service and training as well as to strengthen school communities.

Some of the activities that fall under this program theme are:

  • Inner City Dinner Program: The Green Room partners quarterly with Boyle Street Community Services to host a dinner for the homeless.

  • Afterschool Programs: The Green Room will begin after school programs two days a week for Centre High School beginning in Sept 2014. The program also run after school programs once a month at JD Bracco Junior High for Muslim students.