Why is it called 'The Green Room'?

The Green Room originated from the idea of creating a sustainable space where youth can thrive and flourish. Green denotes sustainability, growth, renewal, and restoration – a place where youth can come to connect, develop their identity in Islam, and serve the community.

Other significance behind the name are:

  1. The color green is significant in Islamic tradition. Green is mentioned many times in the Qur’an, describing the luscious gardens and clothing of the righteous inhabitants of Paradise. It has also been transmitted that the beloved Prophet’s (Peace Be Upon Him) favorite color was green.

  2. The Islamic tradition also holds Mother Earth in high regards and the color green is associated with earth and nature. Just as we need to keep the earth nourished and protected so that it can give back to us, so too does this represent the microcosm of The Green Room: nourishing the spirit of youth so that they may prosper.

  3. In show business, a “green room” is a place where actors and performers go to ready themselves before their performance and receive feedback and notes from the director and each other. Likewise, The Green Room is a space where youth can develop their leadership skills, equipping them to go into their communities ready to bring change. 


What does the tagline ‘You’re Home’ mean?

The Green Room’s tagline, I.e. You’re Home has one simple meaning: here, you belong. Being directed towards youth aged 16-24 years, the tagline communicates that youth can come as they are and find a space that is welcoming, inclusive, and non-judgmental, where they are valued as an individual and have the opportunity to create meaningful connections, grow and make an impact in the greater Muslim and Edmonton community.