Open Doors Ramadan is an annual program hosted by The Green Room, IFSSA's youth program.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslim families across the city sign up to host an iftar dinner (celebratory meal to break the fast). The Green Room then matches these families with individuals across the city who are spending Ramadan alone, are interested in learning more about Ramadan, or are wanting to connect to the Muslim community. 

Open Doors Ramadan is an opportunity for individuals who are alone during Ramadan, and people of all faiths and backgrounds, to share in the blessings of the holy month, build community and friendships, and explore different cuisines, cultures, and traditions.



We are looking for families who may be interested in hosting an Iftar (breaking of the fast) dinner during the Holy month of Ramadan for community members who may otherwise be having Iftar alone, or anyone else (including people of all faiths and backgrounds) interested in connecting with the community and learning about other cultures.

Dates will fill up fast, so please submit your form as soon as possible. The deadline to sign up is May 12, 2017


Be our guest at an Iftar dinner (a celebratory meal to break the fast) hosted by a local Muslim family!  

Share in the blessings, build community, and explore different cultures this Ramadan.